Smash Enterprises Ambassador – Barista Buddy reviewed

Do you regularly pick up a coffee/tea/hot chocolate from your local café?

Did you know that little takeaway cup you are holding joins it’s comrades and ends up one in ONE BILLION of its kind used in Australia EVERY YEAR? Smash Enterprises know it… and since attending the Kids Business Bloggers Brunch in May, I now know it too.


Here’s a thought… where do you think all those cups end up?

scrap metal trash litter scrapyard
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 * Please note, this post has been created in return for a product review. The thoughts, opinions and experiences expressed below however are my own… I mean who on earth would write a press release like this?! 

Smash Enterprises have the answer with their you-beaut ‘Barista Buddy’. Available in Glass (330ml) or lightweight unbreakable plastic (275ml or 390ml), this little guy is ready to go from your daily work commute to warming up on the sidelines at weekend sports. I have been giving the Barista Buddy a solid run of late and let me tell you, he is one handy little companion! Made from super strong plastic, this little gem can be thrown in your bag at the end of the day, tossed in the dishwasher, and chucked in the car without fear.

My Buddy is regularly by my side, particularly on ‘work days’ when the local café is more than happy to fill up the customer’s own reusable cups! Swimming lessons, packed for work, afternoon strolls with my little guy around the block… he’s certainly become a regular around here.

(What, you DON’T carry Quidditch goggles around in your bag??)

Personally I love how easy the Barista Buddy is to clean – properly clean! In the past I have had other ‘keep cups’ and travel mugs, but always felt that after a while they have become a little icky leaving me reluctant to use them. With its leak proof lid engineered for easy disassembly, there has been zero issues with keeping my Barista Buddy squeaky clean and fresh. Here he is all disassembled ready for a good scrub after a hard days work…


The Barista Buddy gets a big thumbs up from me for practicality, function, style and social conscience credits. So, what are you waiting for? Head on in to your local Coles or Woolworths supermarket, pick up your own Barista Buddy for just $10 RRP, and help me save the planet one coffee at a time!





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