A little about me…


Hi there, and thanks for stopping by, my name is Megan. Born and bred in Sydney I now live in the New South Wales Hunter Valley, and this is my *virtual* happy place (mostly I hope!) where I can share the ups and downs, swings and roundabouts of my every day life. I hope this blog helps each person reading it in some way, no matter how small, to either feel less alone, to feel empowered, or to just have a good laugh.

I am a…..

Daughter – to a strong and stubborn woman, and a man who was my world until the day my world stopped

Friend – to some truly beautiful souls who have been a part of my story for anywhere between 28 years to only recently

Sister – to a fun-loving, stubborn brother whose back I have no matter what comes our way

Furkid mum – to Kayley (half of this blog’s namesake) my angelic senior Labrador, crazy Beagle Lara, and impossible feline’s Mittens and Mouse

Wife – to the luckiest man on Earth (right baby?!) who has ridden this crazy ride called life with me for over 7 years now through all the ups and downs

Actual Mum – to Parker Joel (born February 2016 and the other half of this blog’s namesake) who was sent to me by my Papa Bear in order to show me there was still light in the world. He is the shining light in every day, and my little QB1.

Are you a mum? Do you feel like you are a lot of things to a lot of people?

I enjoy, in no particular order…..

  • Helping others (but not so much myself… that is common among females, am I right ladies? #mumlife
  • Chocolate
  • Being surrounded by puppies
  • Watching my son discover new things
  • Good champagne
  • Writing
  • Making people smile – in a happy way, not in ‘if I smile and back away I can make a run for it’ kind of way
  • A great nail polish job
  • Hot chips with chicken salt
  • Watermelon juice (contradiction much?!)
  • Learning about natural and wholistic practices
  • Learning about the benefits of essential oils ( doTERRA Wellness Advocate in tha house!)
  • Learning in general
  • A nice cold beer on a hot day
  • Watching documentaries
  • Having my Labrador Kayley lay all over me – well she thinks I do anyway
  • Looking after my little family
  • My son, almost every minute of every day, because as kids go he is a pretty cruisey one
  • A healthy dose of sport, with a completely biased preference for the Sydney Rooters in the NRL and the Sydney Swans in the AFL.

As you can see, there is likely to be something for almost anyone contained in the posts to follow. If not, then that’s okay… you deserve a medal for getting this far 🙂

What is one thing that you enjoy, that brings you total and utter joy?               Comment below or feel free to come and find me on Instagram!

Stay true,

Megan x


And then all of a sudden, there you were 💕

Mumlife and all the feels that come with it

Well not really, my labour was F-R-E-A-K-I-N-G  L-O-N-G, but you get my drift don’t you? One minute I was just chilling out (trying to politely swear like a sailor) at the local hospital, my plus 1 by my side (being scarred for life but not daring to move), not a care in the world (except why the effing epidural wasn’t administered 1.5 days ago when I asked for it)…… and they handed him to me. Sounds picturesque right?! Well they more so flopped him up onto my half numb (yep, epi only half worked after all that time) belly. But that was it, I was done for.

You see all the beautiful quotes and cards declaring that you don’t know what love is until you have held your child for the first time. Turns out they’re right. As I lay there totally spent from a long bastard of a labour I felt overcome with emotions – excitement, exhaustion, wonder, awe. After all this time wondering what it would be like and dreaming of this day he was here, the little boy my heart had so longed for. I held him for what seemed like an eternity and didn’t want to let go when it came time for them to get him checked and sorted (Gryffindor – like that was ever in question *eye roll*). The hours that followed seem like such a blur now, but then I remember being so immersed in that moment with my plus 1 and our little babe that a bomb could have gone off in the next room and I would have been blissfully unaware. 

Fast forward to 20 months down the track and it’s all very real. The tantrums, the shrieks, the throwing of EVERYTHING…. but also his giggles, the way he leans forward so you may be so fortunate as to place a kiss upon his forehead (sheesh, this kid!), and the gentle little pats on the back he gives you as you cuddle him tight. It’s fun and crazy and scary and frustrating all at once, but every day I get a sense that this is what I was put here to do, to be Parker Joel’s Mum. Let’s just hope he becomes the first President of Australia or something equally as profound, or else I’m going to feel like I don’t deserve that #mumlife payrise! 

Balance… seriously?!

Balance – a fluid concept I think I may have finally defined for myself

Balance; it is thrown around as a concept which we all seemingly strive for. The most common aspect that is so desired is work-life balance. But is this whole ‘balance’ thing something we can truly achieve? In my opinion not only is this a uniquely individual concept, but also a fluid one. Let me explain…

Just over 3 years ago I switched jobs in order to achieve a better work-life balance. It totally worked. I obtained a job that had no expected overtime or on-call work, no weekends, no essential public holiday hours, perfection. It was exactly what I desired at the time. Enter 2016, the year my son Parker was born. Being home with him full-time I felt perfectly in balance. It helped that he was a very easy baby of course, but regardless I had found my zen. Fast forward 6 blissful months to hubby and I needing to reverse traditional roles, and balance took on a whole new meaning.

Let me preface this next part by saying I am extremely lucky to work for an organisation which not only has a flexible work arrangements policy, but I also have an extremely supportive work team led by a strong leader who just so happens to be a working mother herself. In short, she gets it! With this change in our circumstances my concept of balance changed a little. To be perfectly honest, I struggled (heck sometimes I still do #imonlyhuman). I was lucky enough to be able to negotiate doing my full-time hours over 4 days of my choosing. Goodbyeeeee Monday-itis! This, I said to myself, would help me achieve a higher sense of balancing my time between being home with my babe and working to provide for our family. As I said before though, balance is a fluid concept.

Some days I totally feel like I’ve got it made (except come Fridays at around 11am… after putting in those longer days in a largely negative job you really don’t want to cross me on a Friday). Other days I ache. Literally with every ounce of my being I ache. To be at home, to be with my babe, playing with him, reading to him, being the one there when he randomly feels like snuggling up on the couch and watching a little Elmo. At first I felt sad, then angry (mostly at my husband, so so sorry baby), foolish (as if I could achieve balance I thought, what kind of idiot was I?!), but most of all I felt alone. Mum guilt hey, what a bastard! 

But I wasn’t alone. I let a little of my thoughts and feeling out when talking to a colleague/friend one day. Holy crap – she was feeling exactly the same! With a situation not too different from mine she totally got it, every crazy/intense/rational/irrational thought and feeling. And that’s when I realised something… this was balance. It wasn’t having the ‘perfect’ deal or arrangement. It wasn’t being completely at ease with a decision or occurrence. Lord knows all of that can change on a whim dependant on how we feel. Nope, balance took on a whole new form. It was feeling that I wasn’t alone. That regardless of any one persons sitution, they will always have days when it doesn’t feel right or fair or “balanced”. Parent or not, employer or employee, it doesn’t matter. But having people on your side to ride through this crazy life with helps you feel a greater sense of balance. 

I am again very lucky. I have a great squad of colleagues who I am fortunate enough to call friends. Some have kids, some don’t, we have different roles, but we all come together to help steady the ship when it gets a little rocky out there in the world. That more me is my new definition of balance, and I would be lost without it… and without them. So to my squad (who will read this, because they are beautifully supportive like that are total pretty much all the peeps I feel might actually read my ramblings), you steady my ship, you are my balance, and you are amazing!